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Seiji SHINKAI (Special Senior Professor)

Field of Specialization Materials Chemistry, Bio-organic Chemistry 
Department Institute for Advanced Study 
Room Number 1F 107 Old Mai bldg. of Faculty of Technology, Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu Univ. 
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Research Keywords Host-Guest Chemistry, Molecular Recognition, Materials Science, Gene Delivery 
Professional Affiliation Chemical Society of Japan, The Society of Polymer Science, The American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, The Society of Synthtic Organic Chemistry 

Research Interests

Molecular Informatics toward Molecular Systems with New Functions

beta-1,3-Glucan as a 1D Host for Hydrophobic Guest Molecules


  • In Vitro Gene Delivery to HepG2 Cells Using Galactosylated 6-Amino-6-Deoxychitosan as a DNA Carrier, Taku SATOH, Shinji KAKIMOTO, Hiroshi KANO, Mika NAKATANI, Seiji SHINKAI, Takeshi NAGASAKI, Carbohydrate Research, Vol.342, pp.1427-1433, 2007年8月
  • Controlled Stability of the Triple-Stranded Helical Structure of a β-1,3-Glucan with Chromophoric Aromatic Moiety at a Peripheral Position, Masato IKEDA, Shuichi HARAGUCHI, Munenori NUMATA and Seiji SHINKAI, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, Vol.2, pp.1290-1298, 2007年10月
  • Carbohydrate-Appended Curdlans as a new family of Glycoclusters with binding properties both for a polynucleotide and lectins, Teruaki HASEGAWA, Munenori NUMATA, Shiro OKUMURA, Taro KIMURA, Kazuo SAKURAI and Seiji SHINKAI, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Vol.5, pp.2404-2412, 2007年8月
  • Pyridene-Containing Versatile Gelators for Post-Modification of Gel Tissues toward Construction of Novel Porphyrin Nanotubes, Sudip MALIK, Shin-ichiro KAWANO, Norifumi FUJITA and Seiji SHINKAI, Tetrahedron, Vol.63, pp.7326-7333, 2007年7月
  • Dual-Ligand Effect of Transferrin and Transforming Growth Factor Alpha on Polyethyleneimine-Mediated Gene Delivery, Sinji KAKIMOTO, Tetsuji MORIYAMA, Toshizumi TANABE, Seiji SHINKAI and Takeshi NAGASAKI, Journal of Controlled Release, Vol.120, pp.242-249, 2007年7月
Domestic Conferences hosted
  • 平成18年度に本学術会議地域振興/九州・沖縄フォーラム「若手研究者の今日、明日、そして将来の夢」, 日本学術会議, 福岡市サンヒルズホテル, 2007年2月8日, Participant:300
  • 第2回未来化学創造センターシンポジウム「伊都に舞い降りる知の創造空間・九大学研都市」, 九州大学未来化学創造センター, メルパルク大阪, 2007年1月25日, Participant:300