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The “Global 30” Project to Invite 300,000 International Students to Japan
13 universities were selected by the Japanese Government to be a member of the “Global 30” Project. These selected universities aim to nurture internationally competent individuals by creating an academic environment where international and Japanese students can learn from one another and build lasting international bonds that will propel them into the international scene.

No Japanese Proficiency Required at the Time of Admission
With the introduction of the “Global 30” Project, the best universities in Japan are now offering degree programs in English. By doing this, these universities have broken down the language barrier which was one of the obstacles preventing international students from studying in Japan. A range of courses in a number of fields are offered in English at the universities under the “Global 30” Project.

 部門の概念図Nanotechnology is an area of research which creates a completely new function by designing, lining or organizing substances on a molecular or atomic level and it is the matrix of various industrial technologies.

  With the progress of science and technology in the recent years and by the merger with various fields and progress of collaborations, it is developing into a discipline which is indispensable for the future. Against this background, our Department of Applied Chemistry has top-ranking findings and facilities in the world and is working towards the development of new technologies which can be applied in a wide range of fields including IT (Information Technology), environment and biotechnology, and the education of science which serves as their foundation. The goal of the Applied Chemistry Course is to open up new disciplines which will be responsible for the next generation

 Our department consists of following two courses based on the undergraduate school education body.