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Nanocarbon Chemistry

Novel Science and Technologies using Nanocarbons and Advanced Nanomaterials


  • The key material of our research is next-generation nanomaterials featured in the structure dimensionality, which is represented by carbon nanotubes.  Our research targets expand from fundamental chemistries to application development.  In particular, nanostructural analyses of the materials are carried out by using state-of-the-art instruments and novel analytical methods.  Our findings through the approaches are leading to novel nanomaterial fabrication including energy materials, biomaterials, and advanced functional materials.
  • > Study on electronic structures of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs)
    > Separation of semiconducting and metallic SWNTs based on molecular recognition chemistry
    > Design and creation of nanocarbon-based novel fuel cells with high performance
    > Nanocarbon-based functional polymer hybrids materials and their bio/medical applications
    > Design and creation of novel dimension-controlled organic nanomaterials


Samindi Jayawickrama received Ph.D. degree. Congratulations! Angana Borah reveived M.S degree by completing G30 Master program. degree. Phua Yin Kan got his Bachelor degree and has started G30 Master course in our group.
Dr. Koichiro Kato has join in our group as an associate professor of Center for Molecular Systems (CMS), Kyushu university.
New members, Hiroto Miura, Sadahito Naka, Aoi Hamasuna, Mai Akamine, Syunji Yorozuya, Daichi Koga joined in our group. Dan Wu entered the Master course in the da Vinci program.
Gayoung Kim and Weerathunga Don Terrence Dhammika got Ph.D. degree. Congratulations! Ryo Yoshihara, Yoshiaki Niidome, Yuki Motoishi, and Boda Yu completed Master course, and Haruka Aoki, Nana Kayo, Taiki Ishii, Keita Hayashi, and Kenta Nakamura finished Bachelor course.
New members, Haruka Aoki, Nana Kayo, Taiki Ishii, Keita Hayashi, Kenta Nakamura, Phua Yin Kan, and Dan Wu, joined in our group. Do fantastic science and chemistry!.
Affiliation of Yuriko Kakita, Yukiyo Tezuka, and Hiroko Taniguchi became Goto Lab.
Dr. Naoki Tanaka joined in our group as an assistant professor.
Dr. Rei Nakayama left our group. Thank you for your contirbution!
Tomonari Shiraishi and Wenxin Huang received Ph.D. Congratulations! Yukiko Nagai, Masamichi Matsumoto, and Tamehito Shiga completed Master course and Yasuto Nakagawa, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Ryohei Yamaguchi, and Kazuki Morita finished Bachelor course. Great achievement!
Yuki Kusanagi left our group and Kumi Oniyama joined as a new office administrator.
Dr. Shiraki has been promoted to be an associate professor in the department of applied chemistry in Kyushu Univesity.
Angana Borah received her Bachelor degree and will start her Master course in our group.
New members of Yuki Motoishi as a M1 student and Kazuki Morita, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Yasuto Nakagawa and Ryohei Yamaguchi as B4 students joined in our group.
Prof. Fujigaya has become a full professor in the department of applied chemistry in Kyushu Univesity and a principal investigator (PI) in I2CNER, Kyushu University.
Tomomi Otsubo and Yukiyo Tezuka left our group. Thank you very much for big supports. Yuki Kusanagi will join in our group as a new office administrator from 4/2. Welcome!
M2 students of Hisashi Onitsuka, Jii Kan, Yuki Nakashima, Keita Ozono and Kanako Nishimura have recieved their Master degrees. Congratulations!! Yoshiaki Niidome, Ryo Yoshihara and Boda Yu have recieved their Bachelar degrees and they will enter the Master course. Congrats!
M2 students of Hoon Han and Samindi Jayawickrama have recieved their Master degrees. Congrats!! and they entered PhD course. Euiji Choi has recieved her Bachelar degrees. Great!
Molecular Information Chemistry Lab. has newly started with new members of Rei Nakayama (postdoc) and students of Yoshiaki Niidome, Ryo Yoshihara, Boda Yu, and Angana Borah.


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