International Graduate Course on Chemistry for Molecular Systems

Purpose for establishing the program

While taking the spread of "cutting-edge science and technology for molecular systems" to target regions in Asia as the outcome, this is also a mixed-type program expecting the acquisition of high-quality human resources, which means the ripple effect to our country. This department has been actively cooperating in establishing Asian Chemical Network and Kyushu University Research Institute for East Asia Environments and developing the contribution to create competitive bases. And organizations in the conclusion of agreement for the International Academic Cooperation and Student Exchange Programs between universities and departments related to this department are up to 6 institutions from 4 countries.

This program induces the development of the internalization of education in the global COE “Science for Future Molecular Systems” and introduces various new advanced education systems that produce optimum education results.
We construct programs from Science for Molecular Systems base to leading distinctive education programs (research proposals, global Masters students projects, etc.).

  • This program introduces multiple teaching staff instruction systems made up of first tier researchers from the Graduate School of Engineering, from the Center for Future Chemistry and from the Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering.
  • This program organizes lectures and seminars by overseas first tier researchers.
  • This program holds international workshops (in cooperation) with overseas research centers and plans overseas posting promotion.

This program builds new education systems as mentioned above and nurtures young researchers with global visions, high comprehensive insights and international level first tier ability.

  • 1 Research proposal
  • 2 Graduate student project
  • 3 Internationally collaborative advance course
  • 4 Industry-academia collaborative internship
  • 5 International scientific English
  • 6 Business Japanese and scientific and technical Japanese exercises
  • 7 Global education using international network
  • 8 Education on comprehensive expertise
  • 9 Support system such as paper guidance